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Air Conditioning Servicing

Volkswagen Group recommends their vehicles’ have an Air Conditioning Service every 2 years.

Why service my air conditioning?

Modern air conditioning is vital to road safety and passenger comfort. It doesn’t just keep you cool; it also reduces the chances of you becoming irritable. However, air conditioning systems can lose up to 10% of their refrigerant each year, causing the system to work harder and become less efficient.

Furthermore, there is a need to disinfect and treat the microbial fungal bacteria, which builds up over a period of time.

What do we do?

At Vasstech we will drain the old refrigerant gas and lubricant oil, test the system for leaks, before re-charging the refrigerant circuit. We carry out an inspection of the compressor drive belt and condenser and test the systems pressure. We then disinfect and de-odourise the interior system, killing harmful fungal bacteria. Once complete, we test the system and record the service in your service book.

air conditioning

From 2017, a new type of refrigerant gas is used (required by law) for air conditioning on all new vehicles.

This new refrigerant gas HFO-1234YF, replaces the previous refrigerant gas R134A. The new refrigerant gas produces 98% fewer harmful pollutants than its predecessor (R134a). If your vehicle requires the new refrigerant gas or any fault finding, Vasstech is equipped with all the latest specialist equipment.


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